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DETAY ROBOTICS is expertized in IML Automation- Dummy Core(Mandrill)- Label Magazine Unit. Besides our standart Mandrills from resin material, foam and pin, we take the pride in recently developing 3D-Printed Mandrill which are extra light in weight (more than %50). Accordingly the load on the robot arm is reduced leading into shorter cycle time and higher productivity. This technology is especially preferred by IML Container manufacturers giving importance to high speed production. 3D Printed Mandrills require a special design which is  performed by our technical team. The location of the vaccum and blow channels needs be very well designed for accomplishment of good operation.


Detay Robotics

Detay Robotics

DETAY ROBOTICS is working in the field of in-mould labelling. Tools and Equipment required by the IML Industry, such as Dummy Cores, Magazine Units, EOAT (End of Arm Tooling), IML Pinning System, Suspension and Cabling, have been manufactured by us according to customer specific requirements. Furthermore, according to request of the customers, we are able to offer technical support to our customers including Process Improvement and Modification of Robotics System for both top and side entry IML Robots.