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Detay Robotics has been manufacturing dummy cores which perform functional role in IML Robots for the production of IML Containers. To make a short summary, label picked from magazine unit is wrapped around the dummy core by the help of vacuum. Dummy is a special tool manufactured in accordance with the female side of mould. Inside the mould, the dummy is electrostatically charged. By means of blowing line on the dummy, the label electrostatically charged is blown and sticked on the mould surface. Once the dummy is removed from the mould, the plastic injection process is implemented so that a perfect iml container is manufactured. In IML containers the label is embedded inside the plastic container. Therefore it cannot be removed. This provides a visually aesthetic apperance as well as a cost effective solution preferred by the food industry as well as various other industries such as paint, chemical and so on.

IML Dummies can be manufactued by various different methods as per usage and robot application. As Detay Robotics,we mainly manufacture resin and pin type of dummy cores as well as other types. Resin type dummy cores are especially advantegous in application in which the label has a wide surface.Because the static charge is submitted over a wide surface on the label. Resin is a special semi conductive chemical which is applied around the dummy. Once the resin is solidified,itis subject to surface machining. The quality of this surface processing directly effects the success of the dummy core.

A perfectly processed resin dummy core shows long life and faultless production. Pin Type Dummy Core is advantageous in applications in which the charging is difficult and strong charging is required. Pin Type Dummy performs long life and shows high performance. According to size of container and label, we help our customers for the selection of the convenient dummy type.

Detay Robotics

Detay Robotics

DETAY ROBOTICS is working in the field of in-mould labelling. Tools and Equipment required by the IML Industry, such as Dummy Cores, Magazine Units, EOAT (End of Arm Tooling), IML Pinning System, Suspension and Cabling, have been manufactured by us according to customer specific requirements. Furthermore, according to request of the customers, we are able to offer technical support to our customers including Process Improvement and Modification of Robotics System for both top and side entry IML Robots.